Public Campaign


As a national non-partisan organization, Public Campaign promotes election reform by helping candidates who want to run for public office without large contributions from those with vested public policy interests. But in order to grow effectively, Public Campaign realized they needed their own new policy – in the form of a new strategic plan. Managance Consulting was selected to assist them, and the votes are already in on the plan’s success. After just eight months, Public Campaign has begun seeing impressive results.

The organization is allocating more existing resources toward its State goal, without a lot of new money. A new deputy director has been hired – and that deputy has a much clearer job description thanks to the new plan. And the new plan is making it easier for the organization to attract new funders, who see that Public Campaign has an ambitious, yet doable set of future goals.

“Already, one funder who previously said that this year would be our last year of support is now considering another three-year grant,” said Public Campaign Executive Director Nick Nyhart.

As is the case with most strategic plans, the process involved new directions in critical areas such as fund allocations and staff job assignments. But Nick said that the new plan guides Public Campaign’s Board in making choices and defending them with responses everyone can agree on, rather than just scattered ideas.

“We did our own in-house strategic plan several years ago, but it was nowhere near as rigorous as what we were able to do with Managance,” he said. “The result, for us, is a much clearer vision of who we are and what we want to accomplish.”

Of course, an organization that deals with political candidates knows a thing or two about democracy – and knows that it’s not always simple or easy to achieve. That’s why Nick especially praises Managance for its diligence in getting input from so many of Public Campaign’s staff and Board members as part of the planning process.

“Because there is unity among the staff, it has been easier to go through the changes we agreed to make,” he said. “Staff whose jobs changed the most have really been able to settle in. I was concerned that some staff might leave, but they haven’t. We gave them a chance to get comfortable with their shift, but we’ve always been clear that the plan would be our guide.”

Public Campaign’s Board is already in the process of reviewing the plan’s progress. Nick recognizes that in a few years, inevitable changes will probably mean it will be time to re-think the strategic plan. When that time comes, he won’t think twice about re-electing Managance for another term.

“Their level of professionalism is outstanding,” Nick said. “Managance knows what our needs are, and they know how to help us get to where we want to be.”