Mission & Purpose


The Managance Way

Our mission is energizing management and leadership performance.  Our commitment is to rocket performance to new levels by igniting the kind of mindset in every leader that motivates and inspires creativity and new opportunities and solutions where others only see challenges.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Facilitate an active partnership with every client.  Together is the only way to achieve great results.
  • Believe every person is a leader in some way with their own unique strengths, and every leader needs support to excel in using their gifts.
  • Strengthen organization and leadership ability for continued success beyond our work with you.
  • Love what we do, and do what we love!

Our Core Competencies

The Managance team and our partner consultants and coaches share a commitment to excellence!  Our consultants are  master facilitators who design engaging group processes, practice active listening, appreciate diverse perspectives, and effectively guide consensus building.  Our coaches form trusting, confidential relationships, guide provocative inquiry, challenge limiting beliefs, and open up possibility thinking. We deeply understand the link between leadership, management and performance.