Leveling Up Leadership


Do you struggle with positively influencing the employees you supervise?
Do you wish board members better understood their roles and took appropriate initiative around their responsibilities?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions you’ve come to the right place! We offer a creative, organized, and forward thinking approach for nonprofit organization leaders to develop and expand your confidence, courage and mindset for motivating yourself and others in your organization, cultivating strong teams and strengthening organizational culture so that your organization is thriving. We believe that everyone is leader and the most important question is how well you will lead?

We offer a creative, safe and confidential place for nonprofit organization professional staff and volunteer leaders to increase your confidence courage and optimism for motivating yourself and others in your organization, cultivating strong teams and strengthening organizational culture so that your organization is thriving.

If you need a highly motivated and well trained workforce of senior leaders and supervisors who bring their best thinking and a positive and productive mindset to their jobs every day you are not alone in your thinking. The most successful organizations know that a key is investing in leader development. We have just the experience that can help you and your whole organization with a fresh mindset and strategies that will bring a new level of positive, productive energy for your work and your life. No one can make this shift for you, you have to make the shift yourself and when you do there will be no stopping you!

Our leadership development services guide leaders in consistently bringing a positive, solution oriented attitude and strategies to carrying out responsibilities.  Our  governance development services guide boards of directors in creating policies and practices that facilitate working together effectively.  All of our leader development assistance is based on a series of dynamic conversations that engage critical and creative thinking.  We use curious questioning, open listening, appreciative discovery, and constructive feedback to heightened leader trust and confidence.  Our future directed conversations help professional and volunteer leaders tap into your own wisdom to imagine and select just the right set of actions that create new opportunities.

Energy Leadership Framework

All of our coaching services integrate the Energy Leadership™ Framework. Energy Leadership™ is a process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole. Energy leadership is a common framework for all of our coaching to create a shared positive language for all of our participants.

It is rooted in the beliefs that, (1) everyone is a leader in terms of how we motivate ourselves and others, and (2) when we become aware of and pay attention to the way we show up as leaders in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we can draw our most positive energy for higher levels of productivity and creativity. When we do this we create better outcomes and more impact for ourselves, our organizations and our missions. We are proposing energy leadership.



Energy leadership is powerful perspective we believe is helpful for every leader no matter their level of experience or their specific interest in coaching. Read more about our Leadership & Governance Services: