Board Governance


13 years of experience working with over 80 boards

Our Board reached an important milestone with your advice, counsel and creative suggestions, giving us perspective in an objective way to move us forward.  We’re thrilled and thank you.”

Harriet Goldman, Board Member, Marian House (

At Managance Consulting & Coaching, we believe that the boards of directors of nonprofit organizations do indeed add value and have an important role to play in organizational success. We know – without a doubt – from our more than 10 years of experience working with over 70 different boards, that the best functioning boards cultivate their leadership, intentionally work at their success and give themselves permission to change their structures and practices with shifts in organizational needs. We appreciate and respect the important interdependent relationship between board leaders and nonprofit staff directors that requires intention and attention too. We offer Boards a fresh three-pronged approach to investing in their effectiveness. While each prong stands on its own, together they create a strong framework for creating and sustaining boards that volunteers are eager to join.

Board Vision Statements

We guide board members in developing a short-term bold vision of what leadership and success looks like. A vision board is a word picture that describes how the board aspires to operate and creates an engaging experience for its members. Short-term is 2-to-3 years. Often a Board vision statement is connected to a new strategic plan or new board leadership.

Board Operations Guides

We guide boards in creating a board operating guide or manual. An organization’s by-laws typically provide minimum guidance about the structure, roles responsibilities and meeting requirements of the board. our board operations guide has a three-fold purpose that complements the by-laws. First, it compiles in one place the policies and procedures that the board utilizes to conduct its business. The guide is designed to aid all board members in knowing how the board functions and to create a framework for consistency when new members join the board and when members complete their terms of service and transition off the Board. Second, the guide is intended as a risk management tool that helps insure that all functions of the board are appropriately assigned across officers, committees and task forces. Lastly, it defines practices that support the board in living out its vision. Our recommended approach to creating this kind of guide is to meet via conference call and/or webinar 1-2 times a month over a period of 4-to-6 months with a board committee or task force. In preparation for each meeting we provide participants with a variety of background materials that provokes strategic thinking about board practices. We recognize it is a commitment of time, but each conversation in the process is an investment in board development. We compile the recommendations of the committee into the draft board operations guide and facilitate discussion with the full board for input and ultimately approval. Once approved, we use our coaching tools to support the board in implementing its new Guide.

Executive or Governance Committee Coaching

We are pioneers in group coaching with board leaders and the executive director to develop and sustain a strong working relationship. Together we agree on desired results from the coaching and typically meet with the committee once m monthly either by conference call or in-person. Some of the topics we are addressing through this group coaching format are developing board leadership succession plans, orchestrating board leadership transitions, creating board operating guides, developing effective board meeting strategies and supporting implementation of strategic plans. We are eager to support the success of nonprofit boards. We are especially eager to create and pilot more fresh ideas with Boards that want to be on the leading edge of success.