Leveling Up Individuals & Teams


Over the last year you kept saying, be yourself, keep trying, work on the little things, look at what worked in an interview and what didn’t and we kept doing that.  During the process I wasn’t sure I believed you, but in retrospect I see that it worked.”

– Jim Caponigro, CEO, East Bay Goodwill

Desiring to strengthen your leadership? Seeking fresh ways to positively influence and inspire your team? Exploring opportunities to engage your organization’s Board of Directors?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you’ve come to the right place! Our leadership development work with senior leaders expands your confidence, your courage and your positive mindset for motivating yourself and others in your organization.  We support you in cultivating in synch teams and sharpening organizational culture so your organization thrives.  We believe everyone working and volunteering with a nonprofit organization is a leader.  You are a leader because you influence access to help and resources, because you influence change.  Therefore, the most important question is how well you will lead?

The most successful leaders know that developing as a leader is journey that requires regular attention.  It starts with attention to your own leadership and as you hone your own practice it ripples out in positive ways to each person on your team and in your network.  Our leader development approach is based on dynamic conversations – one after another – that engage your critical and creative thinking.  Our future directed conversations help professional and volunteer leaders tap into your own wisdom to clarify the difference you aim to make and to select just the right set of actions that will get you there.

Thanks to Denice’s thoughtful coaching, I found myself becoming significantly more positive and confident after just three sessions. I found more comfortable ways to promote myself, and internalized the importance of asking myself the same kind of questions I ask others when I facilitate. Her guidance on framing my stories to best highlight my expertise was invaluable.”

– Jane, Virtual/Phone Coaching Client

Leveling Up Overview

What is Leveling Up Leadership?

  • Build your confidence, courage and capability to motivate yourself and your team to the next level performance of best leaders.
  • The “next level” is what you define it to be.
  • In our process you expand self-awareness.  You clarify your leadership values and healthy beliefs about leadership.  You create new habits for a positive mindset and proven practices of exemplary leaders.  You create new opportunities for yourself and your team.
  • It all starts with revealing to yourself your next level leadership aspirations and your action plan.

What type of leader is the right fit for Leveling Up Leadership?

  • Our mission is to make the experience of senior leaders in nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations more rewarding and joy-filled every day.  When these leaders fully tap into your strengths and the best you have to offer, your teams and organizations deliver more on your missions.
  • Our primary audiences hold a position such as a COO, Vice President, Program Director, Program Manager, Executive Director or CEO.  You are already leaders. Growing in your leadership is important to you and you are attracted to the idea of “leveling up” your leadership game in some way – perhaps you are new to your current position, you want to refresh or strengthen some of your abilities, or you have aspirations of a next level position.

How will I grow in my leadership when I work with you?

Our research and experience shows that leaders who work with us get a return at least four times the value of your investment.  This means more energy and a capacity to get results in your work and deliver more on your organization’s mission. Here are some of the top ways individual clients use this time – the topics that support leveling up leadership are limitless:

  • have a more satisfying experience at work every day with less stress and more joy
  • be a more inspiring and motivating supervisor
  • effectively resolve challenges with co-workers or team members and improve working relationships
  • realign responsibilities and trust delegating;  effectively use your talents and gifts and help others grow in their leadership too
  • manage conflict with a positive mindset for more productive outcomes for everyone involved
  • effectively manage up and down the leadership chain, including effectively working with volunteer leaders
  • deepen courage that makes any kind of hard conversation easier
  • explore the next level where you want to take your career
  • prepare for internal and external job interviews
  • effectively manage through your bosses leadership transition and effectively launch their successor
  • launch well yourself in a new job with new levels of responsibility
  • move from being a manager to a director to an executive leader

How will my team grow in our leadership when we work with you?

Our research and experience shows that teams effectively take on big initiatives that build new organization capacity or the capacity of a whole industry.  Here are some of the top ways groups and teams use this time – here again the topics that support teams leveling up leadership are limitless:

  • strengthen how you work together to implement a new strategic plan
  • build an effective collaboration across teams within an organization or across multiple organizations
  • reveal parts of your organization culture that you want to shift or strengthen and develop a plan
  • evolve a group of leaders from different parts of an organization into a new leadership team with unique responsibilities
  • build your organization’s innovation capacity by doing an innovative project together

What are the options for working with you?

Since every leadership journey is different, we offer a variety of opportunities.  Begin with some work on your own and expand your work with us to level up even higher.

  • Complete our complimentary leveling up leadership aspirations workbook.  This includes 6 revealing assignments to craft your next level leadership aspirations and strengthen your core to be the best in your role.
  • Arrange an introductory leveling up leadership workshop for the leadership team of your organization or department.  We have an invigorating 2-hour workshop format to ignite team leveling up leadership.
  • Get a taste of coaching with our individual jump start offer for 3 months.  Experience the possibilities that come from working with a leadership coach and decide if this approach is for you.
  • Fully invest in leveling up leadership with customized individual coaching for 6 months or more.  Here the focus is on you and the specific leadership aspirations you want to level up.
  • Customize a program to bring a leveling up leadership opportunity to your whole team for 8-12 months.  Here we partner with you to design a program for each leader and the team to level up together, taking leaps and having more impact than you ever thought possible.

Energy Leadership™ Distinguishes Managance Coaching

Energy Leadership is an underlying foundation for our leveling up leadership work. It is a 7-level framework for developing a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact. The framework is comprised of 2 levels of catabolic (negative-destructive) mindsets and 5 levels of anabolic (positive-healing) mindsets.  The more aware you are of your mindset and how you can access your anabolic mindset more often, the more opportunity you create through your leadership.  It’s a simple as that!  Energy leadership is powerful perspective for every leader no matter your level of experience.

ACT NOW: Contact us today to schedule a 30-minute complimentary discovery conversation.  Let’s explore together which leveling up leadership program is the right one for you, your team or your organization.