Individual Coaching


Do you have aspirations of taking on more leadership responsibilities in your career?
Were you promoted recently or are you struggling to get noticed for a new opportunity?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions you’ve come to the right place! We offer a creative, safe and confidential place for nonprofit organization leaders to expand your confidence, courage and mindset for motivating yourself and others in your organization, cultivating strong teams and strengthening organizational culture so that your organization is thriving. We believe that everyone is leader and the most important question is how well you will lead?

If you are aiming for a promotion to a new level of leadership, were recently tapped for new responsibilities at your current job, or feel as though you are hitting a wall in your current leadership role, you are not alone in your experience. Each new level of leadership demands a new level of self-awareness and critical thinking that can be uncomfortable at first. We have just the solution that can help you take your leadership to a new level or help you break through barriers that are holding you back. No one can make this shift for you, you have to make the shift yourself and when you do there will be no stopping you!

If you want to ignite your leadership energy and have plenty left over to motivate and inspire your team or department, here are 4 each action you can take right now:

  1. Brainstorm a list of your leadership strengths.
  2. Brainstorm a list of stressors in your organization’s operating environment that are adversely affecting your leadership and productivity.
  3. Identify 1 to 3 actions you have already taken to manage these stressors, then on a scale of 1-5 -where 5 is doing great to 1 the stress is exhausting – rate the success of your actions so far.
  4. Review what you learned in steps #1-#3. Make a few notes about what in your initial assessment makes this the right time to work with a leadership coach?

Since 2009 Managance Consultant & Coaching has logged over a 1000 hours of professional development coaching with nonprofit organizations senior leaders and volunteer board leaders.

Energy Leadership™ Framework

The Managance way is the only way to go to get it done. I was informed and guided step by step in my project and the beauty was how they worked with me and validated my input. Denice made me feel she had a vested interest in me and her coaching was always thought provoking. I can easily say I had no idea I had it in me. The way they worked with me was key to my polished finish… I say Managance is way ahead of the curve.”

HT Walls

Energy Leadership™ is a process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole. Energy leadership is a common framework for all of our coaching to create a shared positive language for all of our participants. It is rooted in the beliefs that everyone is a leader in terms of how we motivate ourselves and others and that when we become aware of and pay attention to the way we show up as leaders in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors, we can draw our most positive energy for higher levels of productivity and creativity. When we do this we create better outcomes and more impact for ourselves, our organizations and our missions. Energy leadership is powerful perspective for every leader no matter your level of experience.

We are using Energy Leadership to transform the mindset, morale and performance of nonprofit organization leaders and their organizations. More anabolic energy among nonprofit leaders means more opportunity. It’s a simple as that! The value of this approach is so profound that we strongly recommend this framework as the foundation of our leadership work with you. It begins with an online Energy Leadership Index and 60-minute debrief by telephone. We also offer the opportunity for a 360 Energy Leadership Index. Here staff and colleagues provide input into how they see you show up as a leader. The Energy Leadership Index and 360 Option offer a window of opportunity to strengthen your leadership and your fulfillment in your work.

In the Energy Leadership™ framework there are 7 levels of leadership that create your workplace. With the Energy Leadership™ assessment you will discover your default level and become conscious of the options you choose to live out powerfully in your language and behavior. The results, you and your co-workers will experience immediately will create a fresh perspective and higher levels of effectiveness.

Following your Energy Leadership™ index debrief we work with you to design individual or group coaching that supports you in making Energy Leadership an integral part of your work. The Energy Leadership Development System™ is a comprehensive 12-segment coaching program that guides you from an energetic perspective in giving yourself the greatest potential for success with your intended goals.

An IPEC coaching study shows the difference between an average resonating energy level of 2.5 and 3.0 means:

  • 20% increase in financial success
  • 10% increase in self described leadership ability
  • 15% more satisfaction in interpersonal and intimate relationships
  • 12% greater feeling of engagement and excitement at work
  • 14% more personal freedom
  • 9% improvement in the quality and depth of communication
  • 6% increase in health and wellness
  • 16% increase in productivity
  • 17% improvement in time management
  • 12% greater feeling of spiritual connection
  • 15% improvement in satisfaction in work-life balance
  • 20% increase in overall combined energy level