Coaching Pilot Study Reveals Positive Return on Investment


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Here I am at the Capital Coaches Conference in October 2015 with Garry Schleifer, publisher of choice, the magazine of professional coaching  Garry and I are celebrating publication of my article “Measuring Impact Related to Mission: Calculating Coaching ROI for Nonprofits.” From 2009-2012 we piloted a leadership development coaching initiative staff of a large forward thinking Maryland-based human services nonprofit organization.   By using employee data and developing formulas for calculating the benefit of coaching to employee retention, employee performance and employee engagement, we found an ROI of 635 percent.  For every dollar the human service invested in coaching, the return was $6.35 of additional value toward mission accomplishment.  This ROI compares favorably to ROI returns in the for-profit sector where there is evidence of returns in value six times greater than the cost.  Check out the whole article including our ROI calculation formulas by clicking on the link below.

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Denice Hinden featured on Strategic Planning Podcast

Is there a strategic plan in the near future for your organization or initiative?  In a new Lead. Learn. Thrive. podcast episode, Raffa’s Tom Adams spoke with Denice Hinden, President of Managance Consulting and Coaching and Rachael Gibson, Senior Consultant with Raffa P.C. as they discuss selecting an approach to strategic planning that adds the most value to your organization.

Included with a podcast is Tom Adams’ blog post The When, Why and How of Strategic Planning that adds additional helpful perspective.

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Denice Hinden wins LEAD 2016 Award



Denice Hinden was awarded a Top Corporate Leader Award in the August 2016 edition of Leadership Excellence Essentials Magazine!

In her interview, she shares about her accomplishments and lessons learned as a leader and a coach.

Read Denice’s interview here or click on the banner above for the full edition of the magazine.


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Denice Hinden Featured On Monday Morning Manager


Denice Hinden was recently featured on Monday Morning Manager by

She discusses her personal path into management, her most effective leadership qualities, and shares her advice for others in leadership positions.

Read the full interview here.



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