Strategic Planning


Denice – we wouldn’t be in this spot were it not for your excellent leadership and facilitation along the way. Thank you so much. I feel like you are part of the Green Acres team! I hope YOU feel like you contributed toward something very big — because you did!”

– Amy Niles, Past President, Board of Trustees, Green Acres School

Sharpening your organization’s focus? Envisioning the next big difference worth mobilizing to accomplish? Growing capacity for more impact?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions you’ve come to the right place! Our customized strategic planning is highly engaging and motivating. As a result of our work with you, your organization will have a clear plan with a shared vision that board members and staff are ready to implement together.

Timing is everything when it comes to strategic planning. What makes this the right time for your organization? We have the experience to design and implement an energizing planning process with your input every step of the way. Your organization emerges with a fresh direction and strategies that bring a new level of enthusiasm and capacity for accomplishing your important mission. With new momentum for your new plan, your organization has new possibilities and opportunities!

Get Ready for Strategic Planning

Here are 5 easy actions you can take right now to help your organization get ready for strategic planning:

  1. Gather these statements from existing documents that illustrate your organization’s identity – mission statement, 10-year vision statement, core operating values statement, core competencies statement, target audience description and partner’s description.
    • If you don’t have all these statements, collect what you have and go on to step #2.
    • Make a few notes on what you like about these statements and where they could be strengthened.
  2. Briefly reflect on organization aspirations and results you want to accomplish in the next 24-36 months.
    • What is your organization best positioned to accomplish in the next 24-36 months?
    • What are identified or emerging strategic issues? These are issues you need to be intentional about addressing; by addressing them you reduce or remove obstacles, find new opportunities, and create more possibilities for your organization.
  3. Take a look outside your organization. What opportunities and results are important for your organization to pursue in the next 24-36 months?
  4. Review what you learned from your assessment in steps #1-#3 about what makes this the right time to take on strategic planning. Check our Resources Section for some additional helpful information.
  5. ACT NOW: Contact us today to schedule a 30-minute complimentary discovery conversation.  Let’s explore why strategic planning makes sense for your organization now and specific ways our Managance team can assist you.

Recent partner consultant on Managance:

“Your approach and delivery is masterful, you don’t take up all the oxygen in the room. You are incredibly sensitive, and calm, creating an opportunity for everyone to be heard. You provide readable PowerPoint slides that facilitate a high level of strategic thinking. It’s been quite remarkable watching the number of people you handle with short focused sessions that leave participants wanting to say more.”

– Reese Fayde

A recent staff participant said about our planning:

“I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed participating in the strategic planning effort. You’ve done a terrific job keeping us on track and facilitating interesting and productive sessions. I’ve learned a lot from watching how you’ve organized the work and conducted our meetings.”

– Nonprofit Department Director

Bring Focus & Direction With Managance Strategic Thinking & Planning

From time to time we read articles and hear rumors that “strategic planning” is a relic of the past.  We agree that costly, tedious, exclusionary and unengaging process is surely outmoded, Creating a compelling shared short-term vision with clear results worth mobilizing your organization’s resources and talents around IS an essential ingredient.  It’s the foundation for energizing a whole organization or a line of business to a next level of capacity and accomplishment.   organization.  Here at Managance, we are committed to that kind of strategic planning.

  • Perhaps you know what you want your organization or program to achieve but you aren’t sure how to get there.
  • Perhaps board members and staff are struggling to agree on a vision or strategic direction.
  • Perhaps it is time to search for a new executive leader and the search process organization would benefit from a fresh perspective on organization aspirations for the future.

Whether we facilitate quick strategic thinking or a more complex process, we become your partner to bring your organization’s vision and strategic direction into sharp focus. Our expert facilitators appreciate diverse perspective, are prepared with provocative questions, and use a variety of tools to build your confidence to make important choices. We write a succinct strategic plan that illustrates a clear picture of your organization’s desired future and we help you develop the road map for carrying out your plans, moving performance from one level to the next level.

Your organization’s strategic planning process design can include all or some of these elements.  We decide together how much of each element to include in your organization’s planning process design.

  • Refreshing your organization’s identity statement
  • Scanning your environment through interviews, focus groups and other resources for strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results (SOAR)
  • Creating alternative “what if” scenarios to imagine the potential of different choices
  • Setting a new direction and measures of success in response to the environmental scan results
  • Framing results in the form of goals and strategic initiatives or objectives
  • Action planning including budgeting and resources needs for plan implementation




Let me just say on behalf of the Board that we are grateful for all of your effort and guidance throughout this process.  You led us through a very thorough and thoughtful process that brought us to a cohesive plan, the substance of which rings true for us.”

–  Steve Raabe, Board Chair, Watershed Stewards Academy


Organization Identity Work Distinguishes Managance Planning

A unique component of our strategic planning work is guiding interested clients in documenting or refreshing all or part of what we call an Organization Identity Statement.  We define organization identity to include an organization’s mission statement, an explanation of the “meaning behind the mission”, a 10-year vision statement, core operating values statements, core competency statements and clarifying definitions of an organization’s primary and supporting customers.  Depending on your organization’s existing identity statements or strategic issues, we might suggest your strategic planning process include steps to review and refresh some or all of these organization identity statement elements. A well-developed organization identity statement can be the introduction to your strategic plan and all the elements can be pulled out of the strategic plan and applied to all types of organization processes and practices including marketing materials, organizational culture strengthening activities, building program and service delivery logic models, orienting new staff and board members, and many other uses.

Managance: A Process That Works

We were looking for a process that would be a good fit for our organization; we wanted a process that would focus on our organization and not just what we do in real estate, and we wanted fresh ideas. We got all three in working with Managance.”

– Sean Caron, Chief of Staff, The Community Builders, Inc.

Our specialty is bold and responsive strategic thinking and planning. Bold means we create space for organizations to imagine new possibilities to advance your mission. Responsive means we guide organizations to understand opportunities in your target markets and what your “customers” value about your work. We believe bold and responsive organizations are eager to shake up the status quo.  Managance Consulting & Coaching will help you do this in an engaging and energizing way.

ACT NOW: Contact us today to schedule a 30-minute complimentary discovery conversation.  Let’s explore why strategic planning makes sense for your organization now and specific ways our Managance team can assist you.