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Thank You, Wishes and 20/20 Vision

Looking Back to 2010
It’s hard to believe that in two years it will be a new decade! Since time passes so quickly and the future becomes the present before we know it, we think 10-year visions are an essential tool for nonprofit leaders and your organizations. Visions are aspirations of meaningful change in a defined period. We like 10-year visions because they are long enough in the future to focus on a significant impact, yet short enough to be practical and attainable.
We created a 10-year vision for Managance in 2010 to rekindle joy among nonprofit leaders. The spark for this came a few years earlier when we noticed that too many organizations that invested in strategic planning with a good outcome let opportunities slip away during implementation, and we started looking for missing links. Our search led us to the learning that successful strategic plan implementation depends on leaders’ ongoing commitment to consciously and actively developing their leadership. And by this we mean how leaders motivate themselves, build trust, and motivate others in the way they show up to their leadership every day and keep the focus on their strategic plans. We saw an opportunity for day-to-day leadership development in nonprofit organizations and made that our 10-year vision.
Our Accomplishments since 2010:
  • Guided five leaders to move from senior positions to CEO positions.
  • Supported more than 60 leaders to take their leadership to a next level in customized leadership development and coaching initiatives.
  • Steered seven leadership teams to a new level of trust and effectiveness.
  • Developed six boards of directors to new levels of engagement and leadership.
  • Facilitated 19 new strategic plans.
  • Wrote 62 leadership blogs and published the first 48 in our first leadership book.
  • Contributed an average of 150 hours annually to advance our clients missions.
  • We appreciate the confidence of every client, and we’re proud that our return on investment results for our clients range from $6 to $10 of mission impact for every $1 invested leadership growth.
Looking Forward to 2020 & Beyond 
If you have an organizational vision for 2020, now is a great time to evaluate where you are and to make any adjustments that will help you advance these aspirations. It’s also a perfect time to begin to think about your next big vision and what you would like to accomplish in the next ten years in your work and your life. Is a promotion to the next level of leadership in your future – from a program director to a CEO? Is retirement in your future – leaving a strong legacy for new leaders to build on? Is a new direction for your organization in your future – changing the way you think about the mission and the partners in your community or even globally? The possibilities are infinite and ten years is enough time to make pretty much anything possible if you bring your intentions and your actions into focus.
Once you have your big vision, we recommend breaking it down into three approximately three-year plans with three to five aspirations. These aspirations keep your vision in view while focusing on realistic and practical initiatives to take in the shorter-term. Each new three-year plan builds on the accomplishments and learning from the previous plan, all the while moving your closer to your 10-year vision. The process should be iterative and fluid and includes the space to refine and change your 10-year vision when your experience changes and different aspirations come into view. The fun and joy are in the visioning and planning journey, and in growing in your leadership and your organization each step of the way.
May 2018 be the year that: 
  • Your organization creates a strategic plan that propels your mission into the next decade with a renewed sense of energy.
  • You expand your awareness of ways to build trust with your colleagues and make your work experience more creative and fulfilling.
  • You use your leadership to transform ideas into actions that effectively bring along the next generation of diverse talent.
  • You experience stronger connections and better conversations as a source of your joy and your successes.

May this be the year that you reach out to Managance Consulting & Coaching to explore new and exciting ways we can work together.  Please contact us anytime for a complimentary discovery conversation. We look forward to connecting and exploring with you ways that we can work together!    

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